Social Media Management - After evaluating your current social media presence, we will provide a plan to help you improve your marketing efforts.   If you are not currently using social media, we will set up your accounts and create their content in order to promote your business. Everyone's needs are different, so we will customize your package, accordingly.

We will apply an integrated marketing communications approach to all of your accounts in order to provide consistency across all platforms. Below is a list of various types of social media we may use:

  • Social Networks, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

  • Bookmarking Sites, e.g. Yelp

  • Media Sharing, e.g. YouTube

  • Microblogging, e.g. Twitter

  • Blogs, e.g. Wordpress, Squarespace

  • Additional services include e-newsletters and email campaigns

After creating your accounts, we will produce content, provide regular platform updates and monitor all of your accounts.  Additionally, we will prepare monthly analytics in order to measure the effectiveness of your outreach and to help you make informed business decisions.

Additional Services:

  • Social Media Audit - We will review the platforms that you are currently using and make suggestions so that your business is set up for success.

  • Social Media Set-up - After identifying the best platforms for your business, we will set up your accounts, including profile and custom cover photos, profile set-up and links to your website and contact information.

  • 1-on-1 Social Media Consult - We will train you so that you will be able to navigate and use your social media platforms for your business with confidence.

  • Website Development - Using the Squarespace platform, we will design and develop a basic website to show off your business. If you have an existing website, we will provide an audit and consult.

  • Blog Development -Using Squarespace or Wordpress we will design and develop your blog to mirror the design of your website in regards to overall branding.

  • Blog Management - We will proof-read and edit blog entries, provide visual content, keyword placement (categories & tags), links and post to social platforms.

  • Landing Pages - We will create custom landing pages to get more customers to join your email list, sign up for your event, or buy your products.

  • Custom Graphic Production - We will create custom graphics for use as cover photos for your social media platforms, social media events, social media campaigns and posts. Additionally, we will create a social media logo for your use on social media platforms.


Pricing is calculated on a project by project basis.  All proposals are customized based on the needs of the client. Below is a pricing approximation per service:

Social Media Management -  Starting at $450/month for 2-3 platforms (price varies based on number of posts and platforms managed)

Social Media Audit - $75/hour

Social Media Set-up - $150+ per platform 

1-on-1 Social Media Consult - $75/hour


Design and Development - $1000+

Audit and Consult - $150+ and $75/hour


Design and Development - $450+

Blog Management - Starting at $75 per blog post with content provided

Custom Graphic and Logo Production - $50+ per image 

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